The summer evenings are still long enough to bring the tennis playing public out of the woodwork and on to courts. While everything from old school Dunlops (which double as air guitars) to black aerodynamic state-of-the-art brand names are flashed, word is that the ultimate cred racket is the Wilson Pro Staff Classic.

Currently being used by Jeremy Bates and Richard Krajicek, other Wilson loyalists include Pete Sampras, who has a passion for an older make (the Pro Staff MS) and Steffi Graf, who has her own version of the Pro Staff Classic made especially (the Pro Staff Classic Light). Made from 80 per cent graphite and 20 per cent kevlar, these rackets have a flat beam frame and were developed for optimum touch.

Retailing at pounds 179.99, they are for the seriously serious.

Wilson Pro Staff Classic at Lillywhites, 24-36 Regents St W1 (071-915 4000) Mon-Fri 9.30am-7pm/

Tues 9.45am-7pm/Sat 9.30am-6pm.

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