In thing: Zany onions

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Whoever thought of this was in a bit of a pickle. Brainstorming for pickled onions conjures up drunken fun and games followed by an extreme taste-bud experience and the sure route to single life. But curry and pickled onions are such an obvious pairing that it makes you wonder why it hasn't been done before, especially as, according to the relationship psychologist Donna Dawson, having pickled onions in your cupboards means you are a real individual with bags of confidence - all the qualities needed to weather the sting of Korma, Chilli, and Tikka onions. And as Jonathan Rose, head of development at Asda says: "Faced with the same products every week, we would find shopping a pretty boring experience. We want to add a bit of excitement." Just be sure that the route of such excitement doesn't go round the U-bend.

Asda Zany Onions, pounds 1.19 for a 440g jar