I have a lovely pair of shoes that I bought for my wedding and have not worn since. They are made of a white material that looks like (but isn't) raw silk. I would like to have them dyed cream (if possible) or another colour to go with an outfit for a friend's wedding in the summer (yet to be decided). How does one set about getting this done?

Sian Forbes, Westbury

It's difficult to tell without knowing what your shoes are really made of. Dylon, which I would normally recommend for DIY dyeing, isn't suitable for silk (it becomes blotchy). But as yours aren't silk, and if you decide to do it yourself, ring the Dylon Consumer Advice Line for further information (0181 663 4296). Now then, pay attention everybody - and that includes all you lot who recycle your papers with such urgency that you then have to write to me of a Monday morning asking for the same info all over again (I don't mind really): Julia Taylor dyes shoes any colour (she mixes her own), but you need to post her your shoes and a piece of fabric in the desired colour. Julia thinks your shoes sound like dupion silk, but would need more specific information. Anyway, prices start from pounds 30 (0171 289 3966).

Please help! For the past two years I've searched in vain for a pink paisley shirt like the one worn by D'Arcy of the Smashing Pumpkins in the inlay of their Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness CD. It looks so divine and I know it has been in and out of fashion recently, but I've still had no luck in finding one, having searched both new and vintage clothing stores. Can you tell me who possibly made it or where I can find one like it? Also, someone told me a company called Diva might do similar styles (?). If so, where can I find them, or are they mail order? Many thanks!

Kirsty, Cambridgeshire

My my, Kirsty, you have been wasting the past two years, haven't you! I'd have thought there would be much better things to do in Cambridge, such as chasing boys. We have tried to talk to someone from the Smashing Pumpkins, but they appear to be always on a plane. But fear not, as I shall keep chasing them. In the meantime, there is no Diva stockist in Cambridge, but towards the end of July, Diva will have finished compiling a mail-order catalogue (0171 637 0267). So, keep this column and give them a call then. If you can get to London, Diva is stocked in The Big Apple, 96 Kensington High Street, London W8 (0171 376 1404).

I hope you can help! Have you any idea where I can buy this garment? (I've drawn a very bad sketch to help). It's an Indian type thing and I understand it's called a Kurta. I've had one for about 16 years, but have no idea where it came from. I wear it as a nightshirt, but it's so worn now I rip it every time I turn over. A local "hippy" type shop ordered some when I explained what I wanted, but the garment was so inferior and the cotton thin and ultra see-through! (and it only cost pounds 3.99). It should be white and in thickish crisp, quality cotton. There is embroidery around the neck and shoulders. I would be forever grateful if you could help as it is my favourite, favourite nightshirt.

Sally Goodchild, Bedford

Oh, I do know what you mean - also about those cheapy ones, which are ghastly! Yuk. Some designers are now making these kurta things - in thick cotton, I admit - but charging loads of pounds for them, which I think is shocking. I've got some lovely thick cotton kinda kurta type things which I got from, can you believe it, Top Shop some years ago and they are one of my favourite things to wear to bed (when I'm not in one of my fleeces, but only when my husband's away, because it is important to stay alluring, especially when one is seven months pregnant). Anyway, what was I saying? Well, I searched high and low - because these sort of things are only found by chance - and found nothing. I do admit, I have been rather lazy this week and a little too fond of chocolate-covered peanuts. But Imogen, bless her, my little helper, in between bouncing up and down on her aerobic bouncer, found "just the thing". Denny Andrews, Clock House, Coleshill, nr Swindon, Wilts (mail order 01793 762476), imports indigenous Indian clothes and stocks three white cotton Kurtas, chest sizes 34-46. Prices from pounds 13.50, p&p about pounds 1.20. How she found this I don't know, but I shall have to be extra nice to her this week, I can tell.

Directories galore: Yes boys and girls, the following directories are available. All require an A4 (big) envelope with stamps as shown: swimwear (26p); dressmakers (60p); big shoe, (60p). And size 16 plus is almost ready, so you can send in for that, too! (50p) But if you sent in a SAE for 16 plus before, no need to do so again, one will automatically wing its way to you. Please, please mark which directory you want on the envelope that's due to come back to you! Understand? Good.