Until now, Die Hard Trilogy was the only PlayStation light-gun game worth owning. Thankfully, Namco have remedied the situation by converting their arcade classic Time Crisis to the format.

To cut a long story short, you play a cop who has to rescue a beautiful woman from some evil kidnappers. To this end, armed only with your trusty revolver, you must take on legions of nutters equipped with guns, bazookas, tanks and helicopters. Each area must be completed within a strict time limit, hence the title.

Namco have done an excellent job in converting the arcade game; making it tremendously playable. It comes with its own gun, the G-Con 45, which is lightweight and accurate. One of the most innovative features of the original was the pedal, which when released would make you duck. On this version the pedal has been replaced by a button on the end of the gun which works just as well. The graphics aren't great but the simple yet addictive gameplay more than makes up for this. The game also features a mode of play unique to the PlayStation in which the player's performance determines the course of the action: if you complete an area within a certain time-limit you will follow one route but if you don't you will follow another. The game's one weakness is its size; the time limits are tough but with only 12 stages in the main story and even fewer in the special mode you'll have it finished in hours rather than days.

Who knew mindless violence could be such fun? On release, pounds 59.99 (including G-con 45 gun)