Internet & Video games: PC review-Worms 2 (micropose) cd-rom

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Those loveable little critters the worms are back, claiming to be pinker and harder than ever. The game doesn't have a storyline to speak of: the player controls a small team of worms and tries to eliminate other teams of worms which can be controlled either by the computer or by human opponents. The last team left standing wins. It's as simple as that.

Worms aficionados will be pleased to hear that the fundamentals remain unchanged from the original. Unfortunately, this means you still have to take it in turns to play but then as the first game was such a success you can't blame the developers for playing it safe. There are lots of superficial improvements, though. The graphics are bigger and more colourful, there's a lot more animation, as well as loads of bizarre new weapons including super bananas, mad cows and old women. The menu system is tidier and easier to use and the game also features plenty of speech from the little fellas. In addition, a new terrain editor allows you to create your own levels.

Despite these cosmetic changes, though, as a one-player game it's still slow and repetitive. It's as a multiplayer game it comes into its own. There's nothing quite like wreaking havoc on your friends' worms with a large exploding sheep. The Internet option gives it a further dimension and ensures that you'll be glued to your monitor for some time. However, you still get the feeling that there was more to be made of this title.

On release, pounds 39.99