If you want flowing locks like Gwyneth this summer but don't want the hassle of hair extensions, a wig could be the answer. Despite being given a bad name by Elton John over the years (his latest weave-in faring no better), wigs have become an accepted part of fashion culture.

For pounds 465 - roughly twice the cost of complete hair extensions - you can be the proud owner of a handmade, human-hair Trendco wig. Looking for a wig is quite a strange experience, and touching soft, luxuriant human hair that's not yours can be a bit freaky (Last of the Mohicans came to mind).

However, the Trendco wig took only seconds to fit and looked authentic. The "mannequin" look is avoided by the adjustable hooks at the back which allowed the inside cap to fit snugly. Just as importantly, small plastic pads placed on the inside of the net to weigh it down meant that there was no chance of chasing your barnet down the street if the wind kicked up.

On the downside, if you don't have much spare time for grooming, you might find the daily maintenance regime restrictive - a wig takes the same maintenance as real hair. An increasingly viable, less time-heavy alternative is the synthetic modacrylic machine-made wig, from around pounds 100. Thanks to better production methods, acrylic wigs are realistic, inexpensive and extremely durable. Drag queens have never had it so good.