It makes you want to dye

There's only one problem with a Marks & Spencer fashion moment: you'll see your star purchase on every street corner. Unless...
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GHOST IS ONE of those designer labels that most people just love. If you could afford to you wouldn't be wasting your money (starting from pounds 110) on an elegant Ghost viscose slip dress, if you ask me. Typically, though, Ghost is a label which spawns a thousand... inspirations. This summer has been no exception, Oasis and Marks & Spencer are knocking up some Ghost-like (in my opinion) pieces in viscose. The prices are, of course, much more affordable - the tops in Oasis start from pounds 24.99; M&S has done a small viscose range (trousers, dresses, shirts), the nicest of which has to be this long dress with a sheer panel, sizes 8-22, for only pounds 45. Fab. The only thing is, when the mighty M&S get something right it's not long before hordes of people start snatching them up. To make them that bit more your own, dye them. That way you can achieve a deeply fashionable colour (easy peasy from the white stuff) and then black it out when you're fed up of it. Dylon do loads of colours, and all their types of dyes are suitable for viscose. Make sure you read the instructions though, M&S might have a pretty liberal returns policy but they're not colour blind.

Ghost: 0181 960 3121; Marks & Spencer enquiries: 0171 935 4422; Oasis: 01865 881986; Dylon customer care line: 0181 663 4296