Jewelry website joins charity donation trend

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New jewelry website Crush Crush, officially launched July 20, is the latest in a series of sites that allow shoppers to choose which charity receives a percentage of their purchase costs. 

The US-based site sells a variety of jewelry including necklaces, rings and earrings, as well as having a regular focus on accessories created by a "featured designer." According to the site, 25 percent of every purchase made is donated to one of four listed charities as specified by the consumer.

The charities supported by Crush Crush Couture are The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, H.E.A.L (Helping Every Animal League), Direct Relief International and environmental group American Forests ; consumers are able to choose which of these charities a portion of their purchase goes to. 

Crush Crush represents part of the growing trend of e-commerce businesses donating part of their profits to charities and allowing consumers to choose which charity receives this donation.  

Other websites that are part of this trend include I, which allows users to shop at a wide range of stores and donates 26 percent of a consumer's purchase, and, which is similar in its operating model to Groupon and supports a large number of local US and international charities.

The UK charity branch on international auction site eBay also has a philanthropic side called eBay charity which allows users to choose to add a donation fee on to their purchase.  

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