From the Cavern to Strawberry Fields, from Aunt Mimi to mother Yoko, from Twist and Shout to Instant Karma, his was a life that embodied the quick-change fantasies of his era. And he always looked the part
1. Before the revolution 1961: the embryonic Beatle, still modelling his look on Buddy Holly

2. His Fabness 1965: he has a ticket to ride (and he don't care)

3. Big in Japan 1966: indulging the hat habit that he caught from Bob Dylan

4. A married man 1965: at home with Cynthia in Weybridge

5. A remarried man 1969: with Yoko and wedding certificate in Gibraltar

6. Hippy capitalist 1968: looking the part at the opening of Apple tailor's shop in the King's Road

7. Greenwich Villager 1974: the contented resident of the United States

8. The spirit of '69 portrait of the artist as rustic hippy

9. Feeling Japanese 1976: proud parents in their apartment, with Sean, newly-born and just back from hospital

10. In the last days Winter 1980, he was murdered soon afterwards