Trance? What's that then? If you're losing track of the multiple subdivisions of dance music but still feel the desire to go out dancing to something new, try Trance Europe Express, a CD as well as a club. With the recent Trance Europe Express 2, you can swot up on tracks such as 'Lucky Saddle' by FFWD (the part-Orb ambient supergroup) or 'Safety by Scanner (cut-ups of mobile phone conversations). Then go out and meet the people. Trance Europe Express, the club, returns for a one-off tomorrow night, 9pm-3am, at the Leisure Lounge, Holborn. One of the organisers, Helen Mead, who, with Rob Deacon and Neil Mathur, helped commission the tracks for the CD, sees it as 'a warm-up before everyone troops off to Glastonbury'.

Trance though. What is it? Mead explains. 'Trance Europe Express is firstly a pun on the Kraftwerk album, to show this music has some heritage. Secondly, it's an attempt to show this is the musical lingua franca of Europe at the moment. 'Electronic listening music' is what it's really about - music with interesting textures and emotional involvement. You can take the religious side of trance seriously, like so-called 'psychik warriors' Ov Gaia do, but it's not about being out of it.'

'Nine-hundred-and-fifty regulars is a lot for a Wednesday,' continues Mead. 'It's not oppressive or intimidating. Anyone can come - people who glam-up, voyeurs who just wander around, people who might be interested in Can or Kraftwerk, those who are out there dancing by 9.30pm . . . just broad-minded people.'

Even normal people have been known to enjoy it.

The double CD and magazine 'Trance Europe Express 2 is out now.

Trance Europe Express, the club, 9pm-3am tomorrow night at the Leisure Lounge, 121 Holborn, EC1 (071-242 1345) pounds 6/pounds 3 before 10pm