The American singer's not wasting any time wallowing over the breakup / Rex Features

You don't always have to enter mean-ex territory 

Whether relieving, heart-wrenching or perfectly amicable, breakups between celebrities are personal matters that often end up taking on a life of their own in the public eye.

However, Katy Perry has sought to shape her own narrative surrounding her most recent relationship breakup.The 32-year-old singer unexpectedly announced her split from British actor Orlando Bloom after 10 months of dating, which inevitably led to a media frenzy and intense speculation.

In a bid to quash the gossip surrounding her love life, Perry has since taken to Twitter insisting that ‘no one’s a victim or a villain’ and to demand a ‘new way of thinking’ when it comes to breakups.

She wrote, “How bout a new way of thinking for 2017!?

“You can still be friends and love your former partners! No one’s a victim or a villain, get a life ya’ll!”

The concept that a couple can part ways without entering mean-ex territory might be mystifying to some but Perry proves that both parties can feel sad about it without things turning sour. 



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Nonetheless, the American singer’s not wasting any time wallowing over the breakup either as she unveiled a dramatic new hairstyle on Instagram last night. 

In the video, Perry showed off her newly buzzed, platinum hair do with the caption, “I wasn’t ready till now.”