Silk undies in the Burberry print, pounds 89.50 for three, to be worn ironically only
ONE woman's hip-hugging, belly-warmers are another woman's granny bashers, and one diva's G-string is another girl's catapult. Everyone has their favourite style of underwear and once discovered nothing else will do. Past consumer blunders linger at the back of the drawer, strictly a last resort and a disappointing reminder that it's time to sort the laundry, while personal faves never fail to brighten the dullest of days. There's nothing like a good pair of underpants to make you feel sexy and snug, and it's certainly worth investing a few quid in the lingerie department.

Far removed from the familiar surroundings of Marks and Sparks, the ultimate knicker shopper glory would have to be from Burberrys of London, who have designed the perfect pants to suit the quintessential English gal looking for adventure. Featured in this month's Vogue and priced at an awe-inspiring pounds 89.50 for a pack of three, these exorbitant briefs are 100 per cent silk and come in the traditional Burberrys house check, camel and cream.

They match your brolly and they're certainly cute, but extravagant drollery apart, are they really worth it? Of course not. How about providing temptation for a knicker aficionado in a frivolous mood?

In search of a cheap alternative, I discovered that silk knickers are surprisingly tricky to find. After trailing lucklessly through all the classic underwear haunts, it became clear that they are far from commonplace, a fact which certainly adds to the Burberry allure.

Desirable label and luxury granted, the actual comfort factor is low. Those with bigger bottoms that don't like to wobble, stay away from these knickers. Cling capacity is zero. But blissfully soft and very well made, as indeed they bloody well should be, these are, well, nice knickers. Not exactly sexy, but incredibly wholesome - more Sandra Dee than the sassy Rizzo. "Get your filthy paws off my silky drawers," crooned the latter in imitation of the twee one, which leads me to the point that some underwear is just a bit too special to be flung across the bedroom in a fit of passion, and a touch too precious to be manhandled. Cotton briefs, on the other hand, will never let you down and more importantly, you can bung 'em in the washing machine.