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Get set for a scorcher

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The vagaries of British weather never fail to amuse. On the day gales and rainstorms plagued the country, forecasters predicted the hottest summer for years, with temperatures nudging 100C. Here’s hoping, mes amis, but best not to throw out the trusty raincoat yet, peut-être.

Tea bags top 10 spot

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Pas de surprise! In an English Heritage survey, les Anglais named not only the internet, penicillin and the wheel among history’s 10 greatest inventions, but also le sachet de thé. No argument there, even if we are un peu baffled by the absence of a certain other liquid refreshment.

Fun guy makes mushroom speakers

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Mon Dieu, your young folk are enterprising. A Nottingham design student has made a working set of speakers from mushrooms. Bertie Ford says his FungiSounds work best with soft music such as le jazz — whose soothing tones are always a wonderful accompaniment to a certain glass of French beer, we feel!

Van man makes a lucky call

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Quelle horreur! Moments after law-abiding Michael Howarth pulled over to the side of a Rochdale road to text his wife, a 50ft tree fell on to his van. Happily Michael emerged without a scratch. But no good deed, as you British say, ever goes unpunished. He definitely deserves a Kronenbourg 1664.

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