Lady Gagas and beer pong tables coming to your door this Halloween

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Lady Gaga could be trick or treating at your house this October 31 according to the results of a new survey on popular Halloween costumes.

Using data gathered from their own site and from internet searches, US-based price comparison site released on October 13 its annual list of the most popular Halloween costumes.

As expected, costumes for kids are closely linked to popular movies and classic fairy tale characters, with the notable exception of the most popular outfit - Lady Gaga; the majority of popular adult costumes are prefixed with "sexy"- "sexy vampire," "sexy pirate," and even "sexy Alice in Wonderland." Prizes for ingenuity should be awarded to those who intend to spend the night dressed up as a drinking game with "beer pong table" the eighth most popular search term.  

In the UK the best-selling Halloween costumes on range from the blasé - a T-shirt  with the slogan, "this is my Halloween costume" - to the innocent, such as "children's fancy dress pumpkin set," and the frankly confused "Zombie Ghost Pirate."

The top ten most searched for adult costumes in the US according to

1.      Lady Gaga
2.      Sexy Nurse
3.      Jersey Shore Characters (popular reality TV show)
4.      Sexy Vampire
5.      1980's Theme costumes
6.      Ghostbusters
7.      Star Wars Princess Leia
8.      Beer Pong Table
9.      Sexy Pirate
10.    Sexy Alice in Wonderland

The top ten best selling costumes on on October 14 (repeated results omitted):

1.   T-shirt with the slogan "This is my Halloween costume"  (includes jumpers, hoodies and ladies' T-shirts)
2.   Halloween Scarf (Various colors)
3.   Pretty Witch - child's Fancy Dress
4.   Inflatable Halloween Witch
5.   HotScamp Gothic Tuxedo T-Shirt
6.   Zombie Ghost Pirate costume
7.   3 Piece Devil Set
8.   Halloween Pumpkin - child's fancy dress
9.   Devil Mask
10. Zombie Nightmare - child's fancy dress