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The last record that I bought was Gershwin Performing Gershwin 1931-5. The Limelight label has released rare recordings of his radio broadcasts from 1931 to 1935. It's particularly good because it includes a recording of the rehearsal of Porgy and Bess, with "Summertime" and "Bessy is My Woman Now". It's beautiful.

James Moody is a marvellous tenor sax player, as well as being a brilliant alto saxophonist and flautist. He released a recording of the technically challenging John Coltraine tune, "Giant Steps", which moved on modern jazz significantly. He was responsible for widespread introduction of the modal scale in jazz.

My other three last purchases were all for my wife: I bought a box set of Elton John which includes the whole collection of his works. I listen to it occasionally too, especially as Elton John used to be be one of my supports on the keyboards on stage. I also bought Abba Gold for her: it has all the great tunes and it's a good party record.

Finally, I bought Listen Without Prejudice by George Michael, an excellent album which was, surprisingly, made in Austria.

Alan Price listens to...

Gershwin Performing Gershwin 1931-5, Limelight label, import

"Giant Steps", from the album Moving Forward, James Moody, Novus records pounds 12.99

Elton John box set, Rocket pounds 81.99

Abba Gold, Pickwick pounds 15.49

Listen Without Prejudice, George Michael, CBS Records pounds 15.49