a Good Week for Wagga Wagga, as the city of Leavenworth, Kansas, reached a compromise in a dispute over naming a street after its twin city of Wagga Wagga, Australia. Some Kansas folk had objected to the idea when they learnt that "wagga wagga" was an Aborigine expression meaning "place of many crows". The city has now decided that a new highway will officially be called "20th Street Trafficway" but two prominent signs will identify it as "Wagga Wagga Drive".

a Bad Week for suicide, as railway officials in Australia apologised for keeping trains running over the body of a woman who committed suicide on Sydney Harbour Bridge. A spokesman for the Ambulance Service said: "It was obvious after a few trains ran over her that she was dead," but the chief executive of State Rail thought it would have shown "greater sensitivity" if the trains had been stopped until the body was removed.

a Fine Week for free money, as villagers in Csanadapaca, Hungary, were surprised as a man and a woman in a dark Mercedes gave away a handful of 5,000 forint (pounds 15) notes, asked the recipients to sign receipts then drove away. "We hope this is a good sign for us," the mayor said.