a Good Week for procrastination, as the Procrastinators Club of America proclaimed last Friday as "Be-Late-For-Something Day". Les Waas, the president of the club, hoped that people would do nothing on Friday that could not be put off until this week at the earliest. "If you're not in the habit of procrastinating," he recommended, "this might be the one day to just try it out."

a Good Week for amputees, as the 26th annual One-Arm Dove Hunt took place in Olney, Texas, and attracted more than 100 participants. The pigeon- shooting event is open to anyone who has lost at least one hand or arm.

a Bad Week for rats, as Honduras announced a campaign to eliminate rodents from its hospitals. Last month 13 patients died when a power cut, caused by rats chewing through electric cables, caused life-support systems to stop working.

an Ingenious Week for thieves, who used a computer-printed note and a fake night deposit box to trick depositors in a Rhode Island bank out of thousands of dollars. The note was left on the usual night deposit box, informing customers that it was broken and asking them to leave their money in a box in the bank's lobby instead.