a Good Week for Marlene Dietrich, over whom a dispute has erupted between rival councils in Berlin. The Tiergarten and Schoeneberg districts have both announced plans to name a square after the singer/actress who died in 1992. Schoeneberg councillors planned their Dietrichplatz long ago, but have never agreed on the details. Now Tiergarten have stepped in with a firm proposal. "Tiergarten shooting from the hip like this represents an unfriendly act against Schoeneberg," said one councillor, who likened the move to a "provincial farce".

a Bad Week for ants and worms, as the Mexican president, Ernesto Zedillo, was reported to have sat down to a meal of escamoles and gusano de maguey, (ants' eggs and thick brown cactus worms) both of which were Aztec delicacies.

a curious Week for road accidents, as Elizabeth Hanks was left unconscious and her car wrecked when a 2,000 lb bull fell onto it from an embankment in Oregon. "The last thing I remember is the bull coming in through the windshield," she said after being treated in hospital for a bump on the head. She was luckier than an unnamed driver in Montana who was killed by a runaway 3,000 lb wrecking ball that had bounced down the highway onto his car.