A Good Week for car lovers, as Andrea Chapman and David Diamond became the first couple to get married at the Silverstone motor-racing circuit. She wore a white wedding dress; he wore white Jordan Team racing overalls. They met at a Mini-owners club.

a Bad Week for beauty, as three women who took part in the Miss Malaysia Petite competition were arrested by religious authorities for parading in bathing suits. Muslim men have also been warned that they face arrest if they appear in public with parts of the body between the navel and the thighs exposed.

a Stubborn Week for pigeons, as hundreds of homing birds released in Hong Kong and intended to fly home to China refused to budge in the torrential rain. Some rooftops are now full of wet pigeons which the authorities have said they will feed until the weather improves.

a Creative Week for shoplifting, as a man walked into two shops in the Swedish town of Kriatianstad with a large snake round his neck. He helped himself to a video camera and a pair of leather trousers as terrified staff fled. "Most women are scared of snakes so he did not even need to say anything," a police spokesman said.