a Good Week for pizza, as the lure of its taste led to the capture of Vincenzo Esposito, a convicted Italian robber who had escaped from a courtroom two years ago. He was arrested at Naples airport after arriving on a flight from Spain. He said that he had returned because he missed his family and the pizzas in Naples.

a Bad Week for bank clerks, as employees of a bank in the town of Tvedestrand, Norway, have been rummaging through the refuse at the city dump where they believe 700,000 kroner (about pounds 65,000) may have been taken after being swept up with their rubbish.

a Myopic Week for drivers, as vets in Bangkok attended to an elephant that had been hit by a car when its owner was taking it for a walk. The owner, however, said that drivers were not to blame for the accident: "they couldn't see the elephant". The animal was only slightly injured.

a Dignified Week for West Wight Middle School under-13s cricket team, who were set a target of 163 to win, but were then bowled out for nought by Ryde School. "They kept their heads up throughout," said Ryde teacher Chris Ody.