Last week was ...

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a Good Week for new ventures, as Australia's first halal butchery for camel meat opened in Darwin. Such is the demand for camels slaughtered accorsing to Muslim rules, that a spokesman for the Central Australian Camel Industry Association said they could sell four shiploads of camel meat every week, if they could produce it.

Meanwhile, there was an equally good reception for South Africa's first topless car-wash, which opened in Johannesburg to long queues of expectant motorists waiting for bare-breasted women to wash their cars. Each customer must sign a form declaring he is of sound mind, is the only person in the car, will stay inside the vehicle and does not have a camera.

Potential employees, however, should take note of the findings in Chicago, where researchers found that women with breast implants tend to drink more, have more sex partners, get pregnant younger, and are more likely to have abortions or dye their hair.

But at least they will no longer have to wear groin protectors when playing baseball. The Babe Ruth Baseball League has changed its rules after a 12-year-old girl, Melissa Raglin, was sent off for not wearing a cup designed to protect players' testicles.