a Good Week for noses, as the Chelmsford City Football Club were reported to have agreed to advertise Britvic's "Red Card" brand on its players' nasal strips. This is believed to be the first time sportsmen's noses have been used for product endorsement.

a Bad Week for cement, as at least 11 tribal leaders in the Philippines made a "blood compact" to fight against plans of a Canadian company to build a cement plant on their ancestral lands. The compact involved drawing blood from their arms, dripping it into water, and drinking it.

a Good Week for garlic, which has been found to slow the growth of bladder cancer in mice. Research at West Virginia university showed significantly better results in mice that had been injected with a garlic and water mixture than those which had not been given the garlic. The ancient Egyptians used garlic to treat wounds and infections.

an Average Week for "Julie", the average British woman, according to a Cosmopolitan survey, who thinks about sex five times a day, but has it only twice a week.