a Good Week for dancing, as the Oxford University women's Blues committee upgraded ballroom dancing from a half-blue to full-blue sport. The men's ballroom dancing team, however, will continue to get only half- blues. In Cambridge, the dancers receive no recognition at all, but the chess team get half-blues, while their Oxford opponents do not.

a Bad Week for face-painting: When five-year-old Nina Campbell arrived without her glasses at her South Carolina kindergarten, her teacher, Phyllis Adelsflugel, wrote "Where are my glasses" on her forehead with a felt- tip pen. She and the school now face a lawsuit alleging that the girl was "branded and forced to serve against her will and in a condition of involuntary servitude as a messenger carrying a humiliating message".

a Good Week for civil rights, as a judge in South Africa ruled against police who had not allowed a prostitute to dress while they searched her home. The reasons for making her stand naked for 15 minutes did not outweigh her right to get dressed.