a Good Week for Terry Burrows, who regained the world window-cleaning record by cleaning three 45-inch square windows in 18.46 seconds at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. After winning pounds 200 for the feat, the Essex man said: it's the prestige and not the money that counts - it's a thrill to be the best in the world. I was flying the flag for Britain."

a Bad Week for Yoichiro Iino, the mayor of Kitakata in Japan, who cut his own salary in half for the next six months to atone for his behaviour in creeping into the women's dressing rooms of a health spa and peeking through a glass door at the adjacent bathers. Mr Iino is 72.

a Beautiful Week for fatties, as 30 women competed for the title of "Jumbo Queen" at a private zoo in Thailand. Contestants, who weighed up to 160kg (350lb) were required to sing, dance and weightlift. "It's great to come here and meet friends and see people who have the same figure as me, and who are healthy and everything," said 134kg (295lb) contestant Nusara Onjalean. The winner, however, was one of the slimmest contestants, weighing in at only 70kg (154lb).