a Good Week for frogs, as a team of scientists from Britain and the Netherlands made a frog float in mid-air by using a strong magnetic field. They had previously lifted plants, grasshoppers and fish using the same technique. The frog was apparently quite satisfied with the procedure. "It went back to its fellow frogs looking perfectly happy," a researcher said.

a Bad Week for Spanish, as the First International Congress on the Spanish Language, which is being held in Zacatecas, Mexico, brought considerable controversy over the question of whether they should allow such "Spanglish" verbs as "faxear" - to send a fax - to pollute (or enrich) the language.

a Responsible Week for prostitutes in Mexico City, who have adopted a new dress code: no miniskirts, no baby-doll, dental floss bikinis, no Lycra, no transparent blouses and no underwear worn on the outside. They hope to clean up their image and earn the approval of local residents.

a Talkative Week for Tokelau, a Polynesian island which has become the world's last nation to install telephones.