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A Good Week for Belgian pigs, whose numbers, according to provisional data, are up nearly 4 per cent on last year. There are now 7.4 pigs for every 10 people in Belgium and Flanders, and the north of the country is now the second most densely populated part of the EU in porcine terms.

A Bad Week for organs, as an advertisement in Church Music Quarterly was found to be rude and offensive by the Advertising Standards Authority. The organ music publishers Oecumuse had attempted to introduce levity into the magazine with some innuendo-rich adverts incorporating the word "organ" in a risque way.

A Breathless Week for tortoises, as Australian scientists began to study Rheodytes leukops, the rare Fitzroy Rive tortoise, which breathes normally on land, but through its bottom when under water.

A Winning Week for Jackie Mudd, barmaid at the Middleton Arms, Leeds, who won Tetley's "Best Barmaid" award becaus of her ability to remember the names and favourite drinks of 1,500 regulars.