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A Good Week for elephants, as Barbara, Jenny and Tara, three pachyderms at a sanctuary in Tennessee, were provided with a warm barn and vinyl pillow earmuffs to protect them from the cold. The Elephant Sanctuary was set up in 1995 as a retirement or holiday home for animals from circuses and zoos.

A Bad Week for bandsmen, as tax authorities in Montpellier, France, seized two double basses, several flutes and a triangle from the municipal band in an attempt to recover about pounds 6m in tax arrears.

An Uneconomic Week for Bulgaria, as calculations revealed that lower denomination coins are worth more than their face value as scrap metal.

A Weird Week for Texans, as the Kleberg County commissioners voted to urge people to say "heaven-o" instead of "hell-o" as a greeting. The campaign is the idea of Leonoso Canales, described as a flea market operator, who said: "I see hell in hello. It's disguised by the o, but once you see it, it will slap you in the face."