shopping list
Pewter salt and pepper cellars, pounds 55 a pair, Sarah Jordan Jewellery, 17 Wilton Road, London NW10, 0181 444 2331

Gilano coffee table, pounds 530, Purves & Purves, 80-81 and 83 Tottenham Court Road, London W1, 0171 580 8223

Plastic CD racks, pounds 12.75 each, from Artworks, 17-18 Upper Street, London N1, 0171 354 1114

Curly cutlery, from pounds 6.99 each, Artworks, as before

The only strictly angular piece of furniture Forster and McGregor- Davies (above) have made is their bed, and that was out of necessity. The rocket-shaped broom cupboard (top) was one of their first creations and still sits in the kitchen