Heathrow airport yesterday assured passengers they were not at risk after the case of a KLM baggage handler who spent 10 days in hospital fighting the potentially lethal Legionnaire's Disease, writes Elaine Fogg.

A spokesman for Heathrow confirmed yesterday that samples of Legionella, the bug which, under certain conditions, may cause the disease, had been isolated in a shower system in a rest room used by KLM staff.

A spokesman for BAA Heathrow Airport Ltd, which leases the area to KLM, said yesterday: 'It is an isolated area used only by KLM staff and it is an isolated incident. '

He said, 'We have followed all procedures to decontaminate and isolate the area. There is no evidence that passengers are at risk.

'We do not know if the man contracted it there for sure. All we know is that there was a low level of contamination in that accommodation.'

Chris Chittenden, who has worked for KLM Royal Dutch airline for the past 16 years, is expected to be off work for at least two months. He was admitted to Hillingdon hospital on 21 August and is now recovering at home.