get the look ... and get it right
The Skinny trouser is the freshest trouser style this spring. Although they are ridiculously easy to wear, like leggings but much more stylish, this is not a shape I intend to make friends with. My legs are just too normal, womanly, shapely and embarrassed to be seen in a pair of trousers like these. But if you have long, thin legs - and, whoever you are, don't expect me to give you my seat on the bus - then this is for you. Don't spend loads on a designer pair unless they offer you really exceptional styling; the high street spoils you for choice. Look for stretch, it'll stop bagging knees, and avoid panty line by not wearing any pants at all. Yes, liberate your cha-chas this summer. ANNALISA BARBIERI

Cream and damson check trousers, no M26183, pounds 34.99, Next Directory. Enquiries: 0345 100 500

Black/white-check stretch trousers, pounds 30, Top Shop, Oxford Circus, London W1, and 23-31 Market Street, Arndale Centre, Manchester. Enquiries: 0171 291 2351

Pistachio satin-stripe stretch trousers with front pockets, pounds 189, Joseph, 77 Fulham Road, London SW3, and 21 St John's Wood High Street, London NW8. Enquiries: 0171 629 4774

Orange/brown multi-check stretch trousers, pounds 39, Sisley, from selected Benetton stores. Enquiries: 0161 929 9259

Brown/cream patterned cotton trousers, pounds 41, Benetton, branches nationwide


The Latest Calvin Klein fragrance - cK be - launched last week in a black opaque bottle, and this is a perfect excuse for me to lay into Calvin Klein stuff with a machete. I have no problem with Calvin Klein clothes per se, although they do seem to consist mostly of satin knee- length skirts and shoestring-strap tops. I do have an enormous problem with any Calvin Klein fragrance. Why, someone please explain, would anyone want to smell just like everyone else? To me, that appalling fragrance - cK one - was so naff it hurt. On 1 April, Calvin Klein also launches black jeans onto the world (um, like we've never seen them before, Calvino) with the adage "black is back" on the press pressie box. This has to be the most boring, unoriginal, Eighties retro nonsense. Whoever comes up with new ideas at Calvin Klein should be shot, because they haven't had any for ages.