Let it all hang out

Pendants have rather hippie, "I healed my gangrene with crystals" connotations. When they were last really in, in the late Eighties, I was given a rather fine solid silver bangle which I attached to a long brown shoe lace; it attracted a great deal of attention. I said the bangle was a "symbol of infinity" and everyone went "wow". At her latest catwalk show, Donna Karan showed huge, clumping amber pendants which retail for upwards of $10,000. Whilst we all know that amber is expensive, and the designer of said pendants, Angela Pintaldi, does make gob-stoppingly gorgeous jewellery, I think few people can get away with wearing such enormous pendants. Better to opt for something fine and pretty in silver. If you have large-ish bosoms the best length is short, so that the pendant just points at your embonpoint. Avoid crystals. This is 1997.

Amber pendant by Angela Pintaldi for Donna Karan from $10,000. Enquiries: 0171 495 3100

From left: gold tube choker, pounds 12.99; gold torq with pendant, pounds 5.99; selected Oasis stores nationwide. Enquiries: 0171 323 5978

From left: silver four-piece pendant, pounds 84, Rachel Ducker, available from Janet Fitch, 25a Old Compton Street, London W1, 0171 352 4070. Silver orion pendant, pounds 195, and silver feather pendant, pounds 180; both by Slim Barrett, from a selection at Liberty, Regent Street, W1. Enquiries: 0171 354 9393

From left: silver circular pendant with stripe, pounds 105. Silver long pendant with turquoise enamel insert, pounds 110. Silver ingot with circle of enamel, pounds 110; all Helena Rohner, from Dickens & Jones, Regent Street, London W1. Enquiries: 0171 935 3556

From left to right: gold star on snake chain, pounds 137.50; gold single strand necklace, pounds 150; gold horn pendant, pounds 135, all by Tateossian, available from selected House of Fraser stores nationwide. For enquiries, telephone: 0171 351 5651

Silver disc on blue beaded chain, pounds 200, available from Detail, 4a Symons Street, London SW3. Enquiries: 0171 730 8488 Silver torq with shell pendant, pounds 56, Nicola Pulvertaft, available from Janet Fitch, 25a Old Compton Street, London W1

From left to right: delicate gold flower pendant, pounds 4.99; shiny silver oval pendant on snake chain, pounds 7.99; and gold oval pendant, pounds 4.99, all from Accessorise, branches nationwide. For further information, telephone: 0171 313 3000