WHILE I am acting in my own name, I am making a case to oppose the proposal to double Heathrow's throughput via Terminal Five because of the risk to the public from ever more and larger aircraft over London. This feels like a heavy responsibility to bear - especially at my own cost - on behalf of Londoners, which should not be dismissed so lightly by Tim Hulse ("The slow saga of an airport...", 17 May).

I left London in a hurry after an aircraft part fell on my house and I discovered that nobody was controlling the risks of an aircraft crash from some 1,100 flights a day.

The people of London and other overflown cities need to wake up to the reality - that the chances of disaster are high - and urge the Commons transport subcommittee to demand a proper air-safety authority to control the risks to the public. The Civil Aviation Authority has no duty to do so.