From Mr F. B. Manley

Sir: You suggest (leading article, "Is young Brian too old to be a doctor?", 27 September) that "the medical profession should realise that it is possible and desirable to teach older dogs new tricks".

My father, the late Dr W. B. Manley, Barrister-at-Law (about 1920), retired in 1945 from 20 years' distinguished practice at the Bar and, aged 60 years, enrolled at St Thomas' Hospital, London, as a medical student. He sailed through every examination and qualified as a medical practitioner five years later at the age of 65. Thereafter he did several locum jobs at Guildford hospitals and also served as ship's doctor on at least two luxury cruises, to South Africa and Australia, until the age of 72.

Yours faithfully,

F. B. Manley

Richmond, Surrey