Letter: A home birth can end up in hospital, but it is worth the risk

KATE DE Selincourt misrepresents the Active Birth Movement. We aim to introduce women to the benefits of "natural" resources for labour such as upright positioning, the use of warm water, relaxation and breathing. But we also encourage women to be open minded about what can happen during birth and to introduce them to a wide range of possibilities, including epidurals and Caesarean section if birth is difficult. Kate planned a natural birth at home but her baby was born by emergency Caesarean. I am surprised that she was not aware that this kind of emergency can occur.

It is most unfortunate that she is still plagued by a sense of loss and regret after the great achievement of producing a baby. It is important for her and for any woman, when a complication arises, to honour herself for having the wisdom to accept the benefit of obstetric back-up.

Janet Balaskas

The Active Birth Centre