Professor McGouther, a plastic surgeon, would like to see fictional characters with facial problems as heroes and not, like Big Ears, "a bit of a thicko" (The ugly truth...", 13 April). Has he ever read a Noddy story? Big Ears is intelligent and resourceful and frequently rescues Noddy from difficult situations (usually brought on by Noddy's own stupidity). A remarkably similar character, also with pointy ears, was later created by Gene Roddenberry; Mr Spock in Star Trek. More recently Postman Pat, a hard-working, thoroughly top-hole person who was helpful to everyone beyond the call of duty, had a freakishly large nose even by local standards. There are plenty of characters in children's fiction who have facial deformities but who are, never- theless, admirable.

Damian Bell

Gateshead, Tyne & Wear