ROBIN BUSS, the reviewer of Channel 4's Classic Motorcycles (Sunday Review, 5 March) is quite wrong when he makes the cheap comment that this is "a quite impractical form of transport". As a motorcyclist for 25 years I would argue that, on the contrary, motorcycles and mopeds are in fact the perfect form of personal, private transport. Nothing else can compete in terms of economy, flexibility, reliability and, of course, practicality. This is especially true in metropolitan areas.

Perhaps with regard to transport your reviewer can't see the wood for the trees, or should I say, the road for the cars. Hasn't he noticed the hundreds of thousands of them transporting mainly lone occupants, creating end- less jams and, furthermore, clogging every single street when parked? Now that seems a form of transport that really does deserve a comment about practicality - cars are a nuisance and hazard to everyone except their occupants.

Louise Richey

London E5

ROBIN BUSS can't be allowed to get away with "a quite impractical form of transport" in his preview of Classic Motorcycles. For those of us fortunate to have a motorcycle as our principal form of transport the situation is the reverse. For example: relatively non-polluting; immune to congestion; doesn't cause congestion; easy (and usually free) to park. Also, unlike any four-wheeled vehicle of my experience, fun to ride.

Tim Dennis

Colchester, Essex