Letter: Chingford line

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Your story on the Greenwich Meridian ("The invisible line that could make pounds 1,000 a day", 19 January) couldn't name every location that it passes through, obviously. But here in Chingford - or "east of Enfield" as Stephen Goodwin calls it - we couldn't help feeling disappointed that no mention was made of the notable feature on our suburb's northern borders. This is Pole Hill, on whose summit, 299 feet above sea level, stands an obelisk marking the transit of the original Greenwich Meridian. There are several other places in Waltham Forest, too, where markers in the pavement indicate where the meridian passes.

The Ordnance Survey put out a small book in the 1980s, with maps, for the centenary of the establishment of the Greenwich Meridian. It seems to be out of print now but if the OS is "considering the possibilities for appropriate publications" they could simply reprint that book.

John Davies

London E4