I wonder what you looked like, Linda, (True Gripes, 28 September) when you'd just plucked up the courage to venture on to London's hectic highways for the first time? Nervous? You bet] Unsteady? Probably. A little over-cautious at busy road junctions, perhaps? Of course you were, and so is anybody else who takes the plunge. So you're a much better cyclist now, but to castigate less cocksure road users for their lack of experience is about as productive as sounding your horn at a learner driver who stalls at the lights.

London is choking, through congestion and pollution; these nervous cyclists are part of the solution - give 'em time] They'll learn. The city needs every single one of them: and the more of them there are, the more confidence they'll gain, and the more people will be encouraged to join them. Then maybe we can all breathe a little more easily. Literally.

Andrew McGregor Regent's Park Road NW1