Letter: Help for free

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THANKS to Hester Lacey's article on compulsive helping ("So that's what's wrong with Harriet", Real Life, 25 January). I can at last admit to myself that I have a problem. No sooner did I recognise Dr Robert Lefever's obvious Arrogance Problem (an addiction to spouting egregious nonsense in an authoritative manner in the belief that even quite intelligent people will believe it) than I felt this overwhelming desire to help him with it. What a relief to hear that he considers my condition treatable.

Perhaps the fact that he helps people in return for money makes his helping activity healthy and beneficial, and it is only the habit we sufferers have of responding to the needs of others without expecting a reward which needs to be cured. In that case, I'm afraid I won't be able to help him after all.

Dr K Watson

Richmond, Surrey