Letter: Look deeper

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Chris Blackhurst and Nick Gilbert say that "The Independent on Sunday became interested [in Geoffrey Robinson] because his lifestyle did not seem commensurate with a pounds 30m paper-stake in an engineering company" ("Robinson and the seeds of fortune", 14 December).

I don't remember you becoming interested in the lifestyle of the Thatchers, who went from living like rich bourgeoisie before 1979 to super-millionaires after 1990. If you can find a photograph of Margaret Thatcher wearing diamond brooches before the 1980s, and they are the same as she's displayed since then in such a dazzling variety of styles, please publish it.

I have no more reason to doubt Geoffrey Robinson's integrity than Margaret Thatcher's. However, I accept that the lifestyle of the rich makes good copy, so you should start looking at the subject in a more comprehensive manner.

William Gill

London N1