LETTER: Net effect of Ms Greer's blustering

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From Mr Michael Swan

Sir: In the course of her ill-tempered and confused outburst against publishers, booksellers and books Germaine Greer makes some specific and damaging criticisms of the Oxford and Cambridge University Presses.

In particular, she claims: "The Oxbridge presses ride their contributors harder and give them even less editorial support than is available in other publishing houses; their authors are held responsible for all line- and copy-editing and copy-editing".

I am no more starry-eyed about publishers than any other professional writer, but I cannot allow this nonsense to pass unchallenged.

I have written books for several publishers, including the two University Presses in question. Both CUP and OUP offer their authors a level of editorial support that is, in my experience, unrivalled, and this support includes - of course - highly professional content and copy-editing.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Swan



29 September