Letter: New Catechism

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WENDY Perriam's strictures on the old Catholic Catechism ("A book that changed me", Review, 8 February) contain a valid criticism of Catholic education in the past. The old Catechism was a succinct account of Catholic belief set out in a small booklet in question and answer format. Perhaps regrettably, it did not attempt to offer explanation or reason for its content. The educational failure lay in making children memorise its contents before they were old enough to be offered the intellectual basis for the beliefs it expressed.

The new version of the Catholic Catechism is a substantial volume as necessitated by the explanation it contains of the teaching of the Catholic Church. Its sensible use in Catholic education should avoid the distorted view of their faith which Ms Perriam avers is the lot of some Catholics.

TJP Bucher

Ely, Cambridgeshire