Letter: Ofsted must do much better

MICHAEL MCMAHON's powerful article impressed and saddened me ("This teacher quits", 11 April). I teach in a happy, middle-class first school and, in spite of the increasing workload and meaningless assessment procedures, I love it. Like the "successful" teacher sent to show Mr McMahon and his colleagues how it's done, however, I would crumble within seconds of entering the kind of school he so vividly describes.

Condemning his "failing school" is not only ignorant; the repercussions for the pupils, teachers, parents and community make it a crime, and the Ofsted team that passed this judgement owes them all an apology. Performance- related pay, implying that only the measurable has value, is the final slap in the face. Even in a comfortable environment like mine it can only be destructive as well as unjust.

Good luck to Mr McMahon. I hope he will make the politicians listen.


Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire