May I reply to Philip Resheph's letter (28 January)? As an over- subsidised country denizen and Post Office pensioner, I would not dream of marching anywhere, let alone to London. I have long reflected on the source of wealth which allows me a modest lifestyle and just about keeps me in food and debt free.

I have also reflected over the years on the amounts of milk, meat, poultry, fruit, flowers, wheat for bread, hops for beer, and barley for whisky which are carted daily from countryside to city and, annoyingly, often cost less there. As coal and aggregates are transported from the countryside, I have reflected on the acres of dereliction and desecration caused by opencast coal mining and quarrying to supply energy and building materials, mostly for people in the cities.

I came to the conclusion years ago that we are all dependent on each other, that country dwelling gives more time for serious observation, and that it is better to be a contented yokel than a bitter bigot.


Coalville, Leicestershire