Letter: Slow down at 30, not 70mph

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YOUR correspondent who argues for the top speed limit to be lowered (letters, 1 March) should know that three-quarters of road deaths occur in 30 and 40mph limits, and one-third of these are linked to speeding. Twelve per cent occur on motorways and 14 per cent in 50, 60 and 70mph limits. Lower top speed limits would have little effect.

If 30 and 40mph limits were observed, road deaths would reduce. My experience is that it is "steady" drivers who ignore these limits whilst driving in an obstructive manner where it is safe and legal to drive quickly.

More children died in road crashes last year because they were not properly strapped in - a legal requirement - than even the high figure quoted by your correspondent as speed victims.

Chas Warner

Stoke St Gregory, Somerset