Charles Arthur says that"women are also discovering that the traditional image of a top climber - Sylvester Stallone ... is false" ("It's a long hard ascent for women climbers", 26 October).

Sylvester Stallone in Cliffhanger is a poor example of a top male climber. There are too many to cite but Chris Bonington and Doug Scott spring readily to mind, neither of whom have huge shoulders, barrel chests or gritted teeth.

Besides, women climbers climb for themselves not to compete with or against male counterparts. Julie Tullis, who was killed on K2, when asked why she climbed said: "In my personal experience mountaineering is far more than a sport. It has a deeper meaning, trying to achieve a harmony with nature."

This harmony can be achieved by women climbers at whatever level they climb. No male image is needed to achieve this.

T M Sanders

Little Eaton, Derbyshire