Letter: Women desert children too

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I FIND the headline "Runaway dads face tax attack" deeply offensive. I am a single father who is bringing up two children without any help (financial or otherwise) from their mother who is trotting the globe in pursuit of career goals. I am entitled to financial support, but of course the CSA is not interested because my ex-wife lives abroad.

How do you think I feel when I take my kids to the cinema, or to Alton Towers on Sunday afternoon, and people in the queue make it quite clear that they assume I am a Sunday-afternoon dad and "it's better for them if I don't lose contact". It makes me quake with rage to know that I am an undervalued anomaly. I love my kids and am deeply committed to bringing them up, and have never resented the resources and time they take, or the career-limiting aspect of being a single dad. I hope that future articles on this subject will not be so blatantly sexist.


Baldock, Hertfordshire