Letters: Briefly

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IN James Fox's appreciation of Martha Gellhorn ("Memories of Martha", Section 2, 22 February), he says she had "the first documentary evidence of the concentration camp at Birkenhau, just before the war began, smuggled out and entrusted to her". Surely not. Birkenhau was planned in 1941 and opened in spring 1942 as a satellite to Ausch- witz, which received its first prisoners on 14 June 1940. As both death camps are on Polish soil they could not have been established before September 1939. Perhaps Mr Fox meant Buchenwald as this was founded in 1938.

G H Timmermans (Dr)

London N5

HENRY BLOFELD claims that Guyana "possesses the highest waterfalls in the world, the Kaiteur falls", ("The glories of Bourda skirmishes", Sport, 22 February). I always thought the Angel Falls in Venezuela, at 3,212 feet, were the highest.

Tim Mickleburgh

Grimsby, Lincs