l ADVANCES in communications technology have "proved an unambiguous threat to totalitarian regimes everywhere" said Rupert Murdoch ("The bully boy who's never really changed", 1 March). But his own corporation has thrived as a result of those advances. The guy has a wild sense of humour.

I Morgan, Lincoln

l THE real world enters Real Life ("Happy hunting, sweet 16", 1 March)! People like me, age 44, size 16 and with spending power, need fashion that we can look as good in as Jackie Brown. Thanks!

Christine Robinson

Greenham, Somerset

l WHILE agreeing (Letters, 1 March) about the excellence of Brideshead Revisited, in the TV adaptation the soldier addressed as "Sergeant Major" had the insignia of a colour-sergeant; and Captain Ryder returned Second-Lieut Hooper's salute although he had already taken off his cap.

Michael Grosvenor Myer