YOUR article "Wanted: editor with relish for holy circulation war" (21 June) says that Conrad Black sacked the editor of the Catholic Herald. In fact the decision was taken by seven members of the board, who decided the paper needed a new impetus.

O Herschan

Catholic Herald, London EC1

I REFER to your profile of Richard Schlagman ("An illustrated guide to success", Business, 21 June), the "proverbial school underachiever" who took A-levels and went on to university. Where does this put the 75 per cent of care leavers who leave school with no qualifications, and those teenagers who have minimal levels of literacy and numeracy, and little hope of a job? Rags to riches is always a nice story line but one would hope for a little more objectivity.

Sylvia Potter, Ilford, London

MATTHEW Sweet writes in his review of City of Angels ("An angel at my operating table", 21 June) that Nastassja Kinski played the Meg Ryan equivalent in Wings of Desire. He is confusing his Wenders films; this part was played by Solveig Dommartin. Kinski starred in Paris, Texas.

Richard Rees Jones

London SW12

PLEASE inform Alan Earney (Letters, 21 June) that Ms is not an abbreviation of Miss but is the female equivalent of Mr. Thepoint is to remove differentiation between married and unmarried women, thereby granting women the same dignity that he himself takes for granted.

Maggie Guillan (Ms)

Moorgreen, Nottinghamshire